Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Since when is winning not enough?

Manny Pacquiao knocked out Mexican challenger Jorge Solis in the eighth round of their boxing match Sunday. On the ring he was simply incredible. Billed as “Blaze of Glory,” the fight reminded me of the fact that I had cleaned out of my memory the last time Pacquiao lost. Pacquiao is on an impressive winning streak, and for sure the world already knows who he is. While it seemed that there was nothing more that could be added to his boxing skills, Pacquiao came out with what I supposed to be the champion's heart.

It was the stuff only seen in movies, unless one has the eye for it. And even that I didn't think I have an eye for it, I saw it because Pacquiao showed it very simply. He got a cut from an accidental head butt during the sixth round. But he knew what the cut could do. He steeped up his attack before the bleeding could do its damage. And before the end of the eighth round Solis got what those before him had received.

Not all wins might be great, but Pacquiao's was, to a considerable extent. Now he is stepping into politics. And he is banking on his boxing victories to carry him to the Philippine Congress. Probably it is true that fighters don't just die.

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